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HOMES USA agents :

Have Complete Control of Negotiating Their Commissions.
Are Candid With You About The Realities Of Commission Structures.
Offer More Services For Your Dollar Than Any Other Service.





We at HOMES USA pride ourselves on our FAIR FEES commission structure.  Because of the unique nature of our network, we offer several different service structures that allow home sellers the choice of participating as little or as much as they like.  We have a FAIR FEES structure in place for home buyers as well.

Our unique position at HOMES USA is that we put the client in control of the fee structure.  However, regardless of which FAIR FEES structure a client may choose, s/he still has the same access to our cumulative knowledge offered through our attorneys and seasoned REALTORS®.  HOMES USA is a network of highly experienced REALTORS® with access to legal counsel.  That said, your HOMES USA agent may also work for one of the many well-known real estate companies in the metro area.

The difference is, only select REALTORS® can be members of HOMES USA.  HOMES USA agents must have a minimum of five years experience in actual real estate sales.  Further, and more importantly, each agent must satisfy HOMES USA legal counsel that they are educated, experienced, and knowledgeable enough to fully appreciate all of the varied aspects of residential real estate transactions.  A HOMES USA agent can and must be able to effectively communicate with legal counsel about any aspects of such transactions.

Agents of this caliber have the authority to negotiate their own commissions.  HOMES USA agents  work through HOMES USA Network via an agreed upon commission sharing agreement. These seasoned REALTORS® fully appreciate the benefits of having access to legal counsel throughout their transactions for their clients.

If you have any questions about commission and your agent's duties to you; call HOMES USA at the numbers on the CONTACT page.  Or, you can e-mail a REALTOR®/Attorney with any questions at the:

HOMES USA Answer Center.

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