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Today's residential real estate market demands the expertise of a seasoned REALTOR who has the guidance of legal counsel.

HOMES USA, LLC provides you with this level of security and at FAIR FEES.


HOMES USA agents understand that when you are facing one of the most important and complex financial events in your life it is important to have an expert at your side. All HOMES USA agents have a minimum of 5 years experience and most have over 10.  They are all experts in the field and possess a thorough knowledge of the real estate market in their community.  Additionally, Carter Law Offices, LLC offers its legal expertise to every HOMES USA agent and clients.*

HOMES USA agents know residential real estate and in the event they come across unique negotiations, contract issues, agency questions, etc.; HOMES USA agents have direct access to real estate legal counsel.  This is more important now than ever in the face of escalating home prices and the increasing sophistication of today's residential real estate consumers.

HOMES USA agents have:

FAIR FEES -- very Competitive Commissions
At least 5 years of Experience -- many with 10 or more
Access to Legal Counsel Throughout Their Transactions
Negotiation Skills That Get You Results
Financing Experience to Help You Close the Deal
Real Understanding of Applicable Property Laws
An Ability to Handle All the Details of a Potential Sale
Detailed Knowledge of Municipal Inspection Codes

2004 Carter Law Offices, LLC

* HOMES USA agents can often deal with and satisfy all of their client's needs, but in those instances where legal counsel is needed to provide insight and guidance, each HOMES USA agent can discuss details with Carter Law Offices, LLC.  However, if the client wishes for clarification directly from legal counsel, this can be arranged by his or her HOMES USA agent.

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