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HOMES USA property management:

15+ Years Real Estate Experience
On-Staff Legal Counsel
Thorough Knowledge of Metro Area Rental Markets
Access to Network of Area Real Estate Brokerages
Vast Municipal Code Knowledge






HOMES USA, LLC offers an array of property management services.  The legal access Carter Law Offices, LLC affords HOMES USA, LLC property management means that we can more easily draft and execute leases; run thorough background checks; analyze credit worthiness more accurately; ensure landlords comply with proper/legal leasing and eviction procedures; protect landlord's rights; and much more.

While typical property management companies might have access to outside legal counsel, it is rare that they have in-house legal staff.  This resource can and does prove invaluable, especially when time is of the essence and property owners wish to truly be kept abreast of their property's status.  At HOMES USA, LLC property management, an individual property can receive the same attention that large apartment complexes experience.

That said, a good property management service should continually plan to not fail a property owner.  Even the best tenant screening processes can sometimes lead to an undesirable conclusion.  However, with skillful document drafting and in-house legal counsel, the impacts of such undesirable events can be significantly minimized.

We know this level of comfort is hard to come by and pride ourselves in offering our stand-alone services at such FAIR FEES.  We can typically handle the lease of a residential property from the initial application & property showing to move-in & rental payment receipt for only 10% of the gross annual lease amount.  Like everything in life, there are some exceptions, but surprisingly few at HOMES USA, LLC.

Our on-staff, in-house, landlord/tenant legal staff offers HOMES USA, LLC property management a degree of respect from potential tenants that is not easily matched.

Please call us with any questions you may have about your properties.


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